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Welcome to Enjoy Chester, a gorgeous cathedral city located in England, Cheshire. Chester is full of stunning historic buildings and houses, with inspiring and fascinating heritage as well as culture. This special city was founded by the Romans more than 200 years ago which is reflected in the array of fabulous historic architecture surrounding Chester. This city is unique and diverse, an experience not to miss out on.

Chester carries a vibrant and lively atmosphere, full of delicious restaurants, gorgeous bars, quirky cafes and unique shops with two tiered rows for shopping in all weathers. Chester city is the ideal place to indulge in tasty food and explore a new city. In addition, Chester is home to the well known Chester Zoo, a great place to have fun and explore the wildlife. In all, there is always something to do in this gorgeous city, that’s why we are here to help you narrow down your searches…

At Enjoy Chester, we are ready and eager to discover the best places to visit and the top rated things to do in and around the city. This means bringing out exciting Chester content on a variety of exciting topics for all ages. This includes: Chester attractions, the best hotels, top rated restaurants, fun things to do, scenic walks and many more fascinating topics.

We aim to share our knowledge and experience of Chester so you can get the most out of the gorgeous city. We hope to make it easier for you to plan your trip or day out, sharing nothing but the very best. Furthermore, we’ll be keeping you up to speed on our socials, updating you each time we upload new and exciting Chester content. 

We are excited to help you Enjoy Chester!

Top 5 things to do in Chester

  1. Chester Zoo
  2. Chester Rows
  3. Dewa Roman Experience
  4. Chester Cathedral
  5. Chester Military Museum

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