Chester Attractions

Welcome to Chester Attractions, the ultimate guide to some of Chester’s must see landmarks, activities and more. Whether you’re looking for fun activities for the family, or things to do with your other half, this guide is sure to include something for everyone. From Zoos, to historical gardens and World War One museums, if you follow this guide, you won’t be short of things to do in Chester.

Chester Zoo


First on our list of Chester attractions is Chester Zoo, a popular tourist as well as local attraction. At Chester Zoo, you can experience a wide range of zoo animals, from lions, monkeys, giraffes to butterflies, with over 20,000 animals. The zoo is especially popular in the summer, where you can enjoy the summer air whilst strolling around the 128 acres of land. You can even hire a boat and paddle around the zoo. 

Chester Rows


Next on our list of Chester attractions is the iconic Chester Rows, a fantastic row of second level shops which are located above the main streets in Chester. You can explore the many shops and discover the Victorian 13th century history that still remains. It’s a great place to spend the day with family or friends, discovering the gorgeous historic beauty of Chester whilst having a fun day out shopping. 

Dewa Roman Experience


Deva Roman Experience is a Roman discovery centre, located on Bridge Street in Chester. You can expect Roman displays, live interactions, Roman soldiers, archaeological remains, as well as fantastic projections of the city’s past. Deva Roman experience is a great family-filled day out, suitable for all ages!

Chester Cathedral


Chester Cathedral is a stunning building and popular visitor attraction made up of gorgeous architectural details both inside and out. It was once a former abbey and is now a place of worship, a cultural hub and a place for musical greatness. It’s an exceptional place to visit if you’re into mediaeval and modern history.

Chester Military Museum


Next on our list of Chester attractions is the Chester Military Museum. Inside you can learn all about the Cheshire soldiers, including the 17th century up until this very day. In addition, you can discover the different wars that took place and explore what life was like in the World War One trenches. A fantastic day out in Chester.

The Roman Gardens


The Roman Gardens is a popular tourist attraction, located in the heart of Chester. Here you can take a stroll in the fresh air, through a gorgeous Roman style garden. You’ll find water fountains, garden mazes and a path that runs from the river. This Chester attraction is fantastic in the summer days!

Beeston and Peckforton Castle


Last on our list is Beeston and Peckforton Castle, a stunning architectural castle located in Peckforton. This castle is actually now used as a renowned hotel and restaurant as well as a place for wedding events. It truly is a fairy tale dream and the opportunity to explore a historic castle. An experience like no other.

Overview of Chester Attractions

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